Laker Smash!!! (next year)

Someone once said that blogging is like a habit, the less you do it, the less you will write, the more you do it, the more you would want to. So, here I am again, trying to make this a more consistent thing.

First off I did gett a new job, so I have less time to sit in front of the computer, think of the mundane things I could write about and post random videos from youtube because I was too lazy to actually write anything. But I'm making time now. about them NBA Finals? I must say, honestly I didn't think the Lakers had it in them to win the whole shebang, they are a very young team and play very inconsistent defense. The Celtics on the other hand, were built to win this year, and I was happy to see Garnett, Pierce, and Allen win, it's been a long time coming for them. But as a lifelong and devoted fan of the Lakers, I must conclude with this: BOSTON (still) SUCKS!!!

I didn't even bother to watch last night's game because I watched the Incredible Hulk. I liked it. Alot. I liked Iron Man better though. I don't remember too much about Ang Lee's version, but I found myself less emotionally invested in the characters in this one. Ed Norton wasn't Bruce Banner, he was Ed Norton who turned into the Hulk. I didn't see anything in the film that defined Norton as Banner, he was just there. Liv Tyler was a much better Betty compared to Jennifer Connelly's rendition, more so because Connelly is stiff and boring in every role she's in. I don't know what it is with Tyler, I've always liked her, she certainly isn't a great actor, but she looks good being the damsel in distress. This movie isn't about the acting though, it's about the CGI and the action, which is great. The pace of the movie is fast from the start, with just enough slowdown to let the the audience catch up with the story stuff. The new Hulk looks like a body builder now, and I must say it works for the movie. The fights between the Hulk and his new rival, the slightly bigger and less green Abomination, were pretty cool too. All the little homages to the old TV show were great, from the Bill Bixby TV clip to Lou Ferrigno, were well placed fanfare. The expected Stan Lee cameo was the best in all the Marvel movies as well, he finally gets a taste of what it's like to be mean and green.

I couldn't find a better pic, but I thought the Hulk's face looked a lot like the dude from Dark Sector.

And this is the only think I kept thinking of every time William Hurt was on screen. I think it could work.