Short story debut

Jared Throne, a burgeoning comic book writer, and I, worked on a short story together, titled On My Own. Jared was very easy to work with, and allowed me much freedom to choose the style I ultimately decided to use for this tale. This quiet, contemplative short inspired me to use a semi-ink and wash technique, something I never really used before. I had a blast working on it, and I hope I work with Jared again.

CBR's TLiiD #7 Peter David special

THE Peter David wanted to see more of our Superheroes and 80's TV show mashups, and gave a few more suggestions. I picked Adam Strange-12. Drew it in pencil, and colored in Photoshop.

CBR's TLiiD #6

This week's mash-up
was about 80's TV mixed with comic book characters. I decided to go for an 80's graphic design look, taking inspiration from old school Pee Chee folders, and a T-shirt graphic of Magnum P.I. I saw while looking for references. I liked the faded yellows of both the folders and the graphic, plus the hand drawn art that made the Pee Chee's a past time favorite of doodling inspiration for me as a kid.

Movie Poster Project 1

It's been awhile since I've done graphic design work, so I thought I should exercise my long dormant design skills on making some movie posters for fun. I'll be doing one every few days or so.

The first one is for the film Let The Right One In. Below it is the poster out in the wild for perspective's sake.