Darth Parrot

Sorry about all the videos lately, but I just had to show this one off as well. The parrot is supposed to be singing along to the star wars imperial theme, but it's not so great. He does try the Darth Vader breathing thing, which is cute. Oh and the goofy Japanese reactions are always a hoot.

Fan Flick Mega Man Movie Trailer

A pretty cool Mega Man movie trailer. Of course, there is the right amount of cheese expected in any fan flick, but I'd watch this if there really is a full length movie being made. Here's the link if the video doesn't work

Godzilla tree

This looks exactly like Gojira

"The owner of the tree claims to have made no alterations to its natural appearance. The Godzilla shape is only visible from a certain angle, and it will disappear when the tree’s leaves fall out in autumn." -Japanprobe

David pays with spiders

Sorry for the clipping on the right side, can't figure out how to make it fit. It isn't too bad though.