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Finally, after a year of having an account there but only just lurking, I started my deviantART page right here: I'll be posting more stuff there for now on, but I'll keep this updated too.


My friend Jason suggested I draw the boys from the TV show versus Chun Li, Van Helsing, Rogue, and few other random characters. Van Helsing made sense, but the others I wasn't feeling, so I just decided to do a little homage piece to the Winchester boys, along with their faithful sidekicks, Bobby and Castiel. Likenesses, I discovered, are hard to get down. So hopefully these are close enough.

Maybe not Castiel, though.

Pai Mei

Via suggestion from my cousin, I did this little sketch of Pai Mei, the old kung fu master who taught Uma Thurman to kill Bill. Did it in Photoshop, all the while waiting for it to crash on me, but it didn't! So, yay!

CBR's TLiiD #4

Hey look, it's another The Line it is Drawn!

This week all about Saturday morning cartoons meeting up with your favorite comic book characters. I chose Lobo meets The Biker Mice from Mars from the suggestion box. My thinking behind this piece was to treat them like the bikers they are, putting them into a setting they should be all familiar with.

Next week's topic is going to be "put a comic book character into a time period other than their own (think Return of Bruce Wayne, with Batman as a pirate, Batman as a caveman, etc.)" Sounds like fun.

CBR's weekly sketch series #3

This week was WB movies crossed with DC characters. I chose Alex from A Clockwork Orange vs Batman. Having never seen ACO, I rented it and really didn't think it was that good. I guess for it's time it was something to see, but now, not so much.

Drawing this, I couldn't help but connect Alex's story with what could've been the Joker's origin. The original book of ACO, written by Anthony Burgess, ended on a high note, with Alex truly feeling remorse for his actions and making a change for the better. Kubrick's film adaptation, which was based on the American book omitted that last chapter, the producers believing Americans would not like such an ending. I believe if Alex remained a miscreant like he did in the film, he just might have become something similar to Batman's arch-nemesis.

CBR's weekly sketch series #2

Here is #2 in The Line it is Drawn on This week was a Marvel and Disney mash-up.

Among the 20 or something suggestions was DuckThings, featuring Huey, Dewey, and Lewey mashed-up with the FF's Thing. The inspiration for my piece was from the old Disney comics they did, with all the Donald Duck covers. I wanted something cute and friendly (and honestly simple, since I was battling the flu all weekend). Enjoy!

Heihachi vs Gouken

In anticipation (and at least a 2 year wait) of Namco and Capcom's collaboration/competition Street Fighter X Tekken, I worked on this little diddy today.

CBR's weekly sketch series:

Hey ya'll! Check the link for my contribution to CBR's weekly sketch series! Some fantastic work here that I'm happy to be company with. It's only going to get better!