Sketches App sketches

Here are my first 2 iphone sketches from the app Sketches. The program seems the best that I have found, but if you think thereis one better, let me know.

This was my first. Just trying to get used to drawing mechanic here. There is sometimes a small delay, but it isn't too bad. The lines it creates are not very natural, lines arc in angles rather than true curves. Nothing to gripe about too much, as the iPhone processor is doing too much as it is. Also, I get a warning message about the image being too big after a drawing of simple black lines, before any color is applied. It gives you the option to save what you have as a background image. You can continue drawing over it, but you cannot edit the layer you just saved. Other than that, the app is pretty good, and should keep me sketching.

This is my second sketch, getting more used to it, a quick speed paint session. It's a bit messy as I look at it again, but it's a sketch, just for fun.