Christmas Time is Here

Ever since we were kids, my family honored the tradition of unwrapping the gifts midnight Christmas Eve. I guess most Filipinos do it, and some other countries too, but I never knew why. Can someone tell me?

My oldest sister Maureen (who probably loves Christmas more than the kids), and Kenny (left), and Ricky

My dad and lil' Kenny

Half us wanted to do the gift unwrapping Christmas Eve, the half wanted to do it Christmas morning, so we compromised and decided to half and half it. Especially because my sister and brother-in-law went to the Chargers game, and my niece and nephew were getting cranky but were too excited to sleep.

My other sis Myra and bro-in-law Phil

My mom

Christmas morning:

with breakfast cookin'

time for some cartoons

Uh oh, NBA today! maybe a little nap before the Lakers and Suns game...

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