So, yesterday was kind of a disappointment for Charger fans, but losing to a team like this years NE Pats proved much more difficult, especially if half our team is hobbling on one foot. But I think we gained a more mature QB we can rely on, and a team finally, finally ready to take that last step toward eliteness (is that a word?) And for all you doubters about LT not wanting to play and maybe he wants out, that's complete and utter bullsh!t. Calm the f**k the down.

I found this really cool company that I plan on buying my household products from for now on. They are called Seventh Generation and make products environmentally friendly, from carpet cleaners to toilet paper. I found some tissue boxes from them at Albertsons and bought a couple. Now, their tissues are free from all the superfluous crap like perfumes and "super softness", so if you think you need that, then just try not to use so much of it please. Also keep in mind that Kimberly-Clark, the parent company behind Kleenex, have been notorious for the foul practice of clearcutting ancient forests, and failing in pretty much all of its environmental regulatory practices.

My Xbox 360 hasn't arrived yet from the repair shop but all of a sudden I have two brand new games to play plus one that's coming out tomorrow. I recently won a copy of Naruto : Rise of a Ninja from a contest in Giant Robot, and I also snagged a copy of Lego Star Wars 2 : The Original Trilogy for cheap (I bought this mostly for my nephew who has had to play through the demo about 18,000 times, begging me to buy the game). And then Burnout Paradise is released tomorrow too! Dammit, this is torture!

Sam Kennedy of 1up has posted an article/blog about his thoughts on November's Gerstmann-Gate. It's a definite read.

Lastly, I leave this stream-of-consciousness blog post with a dark-comedy film short about a PE teacher named Rob Meadows.
EDIT: contains use of the F word. So it's NSFW.
1. Rob of the Rovers

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