Smash Lab - Worst show on the Discovery Channel?

Growing tired of all the Smash Lab commercials on the Discovery Channel, and knowing you can pretty much find anything on the internet, I googled "Smash Lab sucks" and found this site. I also checked the boards on IMBD, much hate in there too.

Smash Lab is all about blowing things up and crashing things into other things under the guise of science. I guess the hosts are supposed to be the Gen X or the "Xtreeeeme" kind of scientists that the suits in DC think the kids will like these days. Sadly, they feel they need to ram it down our throats by playing the ads on every commercial break during MythBusters and Dirty Jobs, two shows that helped make DC the network I most find myself watching.

Unfortunately, Smash Lab is a sad imitation of what makes MythBusters so cool. While the very likable folks at MB actually have a reason to blow and smash things, SL has the reject cast of Friends trying to explain why they need to build a house and make it shake while they are in it screaming like little girls.

Of course network can't have a perfect lineup of shows, and every one of them has to have a bad apple in there somewhere. I just hope Discovery comes to their senses and puts the brakes on this train wreck.

EDIT: also found that there is a petition to cancel the show on Discovery's message boards! Awesome.

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