A Bit'O Update

Yo, what up?

Got a job. Waiting for them to call me so I can start soon.

Got started on the summer movie craze too.

Iron Man: a great action movie to start the season. Robert Downey Jr. has convinced me he can play Tony Stark, as I was skeptical when it was first announced he was on board. Both the first and second acts were very good, but the ending was a little underwhelming. Jeff Bridges was good as a evil greedy villain, but once he donned the mega-destructo robot suit, it almost seemed comical. A sequel would seem inevitable, but with the extra ending after the credits, with Samuel L. Jackson (he just can't say no to anything, can he? ugh) as Nick Fury of SHIELD, I think it would be cool if Marvel just lumps their heroes together for the new Avengers movie.

The Chronic-whaaat!?-cles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: is the sequel to the also lengthy titled 2006 movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe based on the C.S. Lewis creation. One year has passed since the kids who would rule the land of fairytale lore passed through the Wardrobe, but it has been 1000 years for Narnia. And boy, have things changed. Greedy humans have vowed to exterminate the creatures of Narnia, and the young Caspian must avoid being killed by his evil uncle. The first act seemed a bit rushed for me, probably because the producers wanted to quickly get to the sword-fighting and animal bitings. There's plenty of action in this one, with the whole epic battle between the armies of the warm and fuzzy inhabitants of the natural world versus the hard, steel, synthetic armor of the power hungry humans. Despite the already publicized Christian themes in the stories of Narnia, there is also an environmental one as well, which I liked.

Next week: Indy!!! (man, this better be good)

Also my iPod just pooped out. First, as it was playing, it would just stop and then skip through track after track until the battery ran out, and it also felt hot to the touch. I put my ear up to it, and could hear the hard drive click, click, click, struggling to find the right file. Resetting it would just lead to the screen telling me to restore it, but iTunes nor the computer could recognize it half the time. I give up. Time for a new one.

And lastly, the Lakers finally closed out the Utah Jazz. Yay!

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