Raymond Ayala interview by ICGeeks

Ray, creator/writer/mastermind of HOPE: A Tale of a Nuclear Family sits down with IC Geeks' Noel Burns.

Full interview here


  • Based on the description from the Kickstarter page it kind of sounds more like a family based Mad Max. Are you able to really show how eclectic this group is in a situation where people should just be considered people? (I could be completely off base here sorry, but I wanted to check.)
The Nuclear Family is really just that, people.  People who share hope in a place where hope is not encouraged.  So where do you find the strength for that?  Why would you push on?  We play with those ideas in the limited series.  This is a family that’s not a family, different background, different beliefs, different emotions, etc.  The drivers and events that forge each character are diverse and I’ll try my best to make that interesting within the context of an adventure story.

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