Another reason to blame video games

When I woke up this morning, I flipped on the TV and channel surfed for a moment, making my way to Cartoon Network when a report about street racing caught my attention on Fox News. It was about something called "cutting the gap" or "cut the gap", where racers would swerve in and out of traffic. Obviously this is as stupid as street racing is anyways, but the NHRA rep being interviewed on FOX called the act something akin to a video game, where kids want that "need for speed", probably taking shot at the EA game Need For Speed franchise, where gamers race against each other and sometimes the police. The Fox News reporter asked him again about this new dangerous act in the racing culture and how games are to be blamed, probably wanting him to say it again, egging him on to get another anti-video game quote for their website, but he used the "need for speed" quote again, avoiding the issue this time.

Of course I don't believe video games are the cause of this new, extremely dangerous and idiotic act in street racing, and if someone wants to race, do it on a legally sanctioned race track, where your real skills are put to the test. Nor should I be surprised that Fox News, or any mass media circuit, would want to, again, accuse a new entertainment form of ruining American lives. It's just how quick they are to point fingers at the entertainment industry, than they are to dig deep at the real issue of kids given free reign to do whatever they want, without learning beforehand the risks they are taking within our public streets.

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