Pacman won!!!

YAY!!! JOY!!!

It was my first time watching a Paquiao fight live, so it was extra cool. The fight was pretty good, as Pacman showed little signs of fatigue in his rematch against Barrera. It was obvious Barrera's strategy of waiting out Pacman's super quick combos was not working, and by the time of the ninth or tenth round, his heavy handed right swings kept missing. Sure he had a few good lands, not counting that cheap swing he took at Pac with the ref trying to break them up, but he was losing his cool and didn't want to go out like a chump, or get knocked down again like he was in their first bout against each other. I hope to catch some more of his fights before his retirement.

About that counter down there, I'm still not sure why it's still going, or what timezone it's set at. Oh well, click on it and it will take you to Pac's cool Nike website. Does anybody know where I can get that cool Paquiao tee they have? I might have to bum them off my cousin's in PI. I want them now!

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